Cutting expense management costs with automation

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Editor’s Note: Throughout our customer success story series, we’ll explore how innovative employee spend management tools are helping organizations across industries gain visibility into T&E spend, reduce processing times, and cut costs.

A Contract Manufacturer Laser-Focused on Customer Needs

For contract manufacturers, delivering value for clients requires commanding some key functions such as fabrication and R&D (research and development).

These are areas manufacturers must dominate. And any attention diverted to secondary tasks like expense reporting removes the focus from core company functions.

One innovative contract manufacturer leverages Deem’s expense management to keep their focus on making products that are on spec, on budget, and on time.

Critical Expense Challenge: Reduce T&E Reporting Time

Delivering on customers’ manufacturing needs requires employees to travel frequently to meet with their national and international clients, not to mention travel between production facilities in four states and headquarters in New York. Frequent travel for employees translated into frequent expense reports—upwards of 50 each month.

Unlike production at the manufacturer’s facilities, expense processing was not precise, efficient, or expedient. Instead, a manual expense management system was slowing employees down, effectively getting in the way of core job functions.

Employees contended with a time-consuming submissions process in which they had to keep track of paper receipts, enter data manually into expense forms, and worry about noncompliant spend.

Expense managers had to review and approve reports manually, increasing the potential for incorrect entries or omissions to slip by.

The qualities that allowed this innovative manufacturer to deliver value for customers were absent from expense reporting. It was critical they be able to reduce expense reporting time for both traveling and back office employees.

Expense Management Solution: Automate T&E Costs

Reducing expense processing times meant automating T&E practices with expense report software. Two primary considerations guided the manufacturer’s search:

  • The solution needed to be simple for employees to use.
  • Implementation had to be easy.

Deem was chosen for its expense automation based on these criteria.

“Expense reporting has never been simpler,” says a Controller at the company. “With the time and effort it took to set up this program (minimal), it was well worth the results.”

T&E Victory: More Accurate Expense Management with Time Savings

What results did expense automation deliver?

The Controller says, “We have a high compliance rate, improved accuracy, reduced paperwork and scanning, and reduced hours to monitor the program.”

The company has saved more than 10 hours per month on processing expense reports, garnering efficiency gains that allow employees to focus on creating even greater value for clients.

A member of the Accounts Payable team sums up the Deem effect simply: “Automating our expense reports has made work easier!”

The Deem Effect: Greater Focus on Your Business

By providing value-rich solutions, this contract manufacturer allows clients to focus on positioning products in the marketplace. Customers can focus on what they do best.

Deem is in the business of helping organizations across industries be better at what they do best by saving them time on their expense reporting processes. Discover the power of the Deem effect for yourself by signing up for our 30-day T&E Test Drive.

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