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10 reasons why modern travel management software means happier travelers

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Travel shares a root with the word travail, which means “painful or laborious effort.” Share this fact with a business traveler and in response, you’re likely to get an understanding nod.

Life on the road can present all kinds of challenges for employees, but the worst part is dealing with hassles that take time and energy away from why they’re traveling in the first place.

Is preventing every possible travel pain realistic? Of course not. But easy-to-use software can eliminate some of the most common hassles to make travel less laborious for road warriors everywhere.

Here are 10 reasons why modern corporate travel management software helps make business travelers happier:

  1. Booking is simple.

Modern travel and expense management systems feature online booking tools that put transportation and accommodation options right at your employees’ fingertips. Simplified booking reduces stress from the get-go, so your employee’s biggest worry will be whether to choose peanuts or pretzels.

  1. In-policy travel made easy.

Employees can easily choose preferred providers that offer negotiated rates, avoiding future questions about cost. Imagine never again having to question why an employee selected a particular hotel or airline.

  1. Comfort rules the day.

Remaining compliant doesn’t have to rob a traveler of comfort. A sound T&E solution allows employees to customize flight, accommodation, and ground transportation choices to their tastes. Your happy traveler’s itineraries will include their favorite airlines, hotels, and more while remaining in-policy. It’s a win-win.

  1. Travel changes are a breeze.

Travel plans are subject to change, whether it’s due to a canceled flight, a delayed meeting, or a new opportunity. Modern travel management software simplifies the search for new flights or accommodations by offering up convenient alternatives—and even showing the net price after change fees—with just a few clicks. When you make it easy for travelers to rebook, they will thank you.

  1. Receipt capture saves sanity.

Today’s business travel management software lets employees scan receipts with smart phones. Expenses are automatically attached to reports, putting an end to stress over lost receipts. Travelers are happier when a system automatically captures payments, speeding up reimbursement for that caramel macchiato fudge they bought while schmoozing your next client.

  1. Reporting is instantaneous.

If there’s anyone who likes sitting in a hotel room or at their desk filling out expense reports, we haven’t met them. Rather, your happy travelers should be ordering room service while drafting an SOW for the client they’re about to close. Bottom line: Integrated travel solutions provide no-hassle reporting.

  1. Travelers are safer.

State-of-the art T&E management allows you to help keep employees out of harm’s way. Knowing that you deliver on duty of care obligations can put travelers at ease. And it doesn’t hurt when your business traveler can feel 100% safe while taking your client to dinner in an executive limo.

  1. Errors are eliminated.

Every manual expense entry is an opportunity to input errors into the system. Smarter expense management offers accurate, pain-free reporting. Imagine eliminating meetings, emails, and discussions that convey a lack of trust about travel expenses.

  1. Reimbursement is faster.

Everyone likes getting paid, and yesterday is better than today. Today’s expense reporting software streamlines the process and lets the checks come quicker. Cha-ching.

  1. Employees can focus on what they do best.

Every business trip has a purpose. Reducing the hassle factor helps employees feel better about what they’re doing and do the best possible job. Happy travelers mean satisfied employees, which means improved work productivity, which means client growth and ultimately increased sales. Boom—you’re now a happy manager.

When employees travel into the field on your behalf, it absolutely makes sense to do anything and everything in your power to eliminate travel pains for them. Ultimately, you’re looking to make happy travelers. It’s just good business.

A modern corporate travel management system can eliminate many of the barriers that once made business travel so laborious. Connect with one of our experts to learn how to make your travelers truly happy with better T&E management.

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