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New hire employee spotlight: Amy Higgins

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The Deem Team is constantly growing and expanding, bringing in top new talent across the company to help steer Deem towards its very bright future. One of the most recent editions to the team is our new Director of Content Strategy, Amy Higgins. Amy hails from Zendesk and Concur and brings nearly a decade of experience in B2B content strategy and development with her to Deem where she heads up the content division of the marketing team.

Amy is also a respected industry expert in her own right. In what has become an annual tradition across most industries, content marketing experts were recently polled by the top marketing outlets about their predictions for content marketing in 2016. Amy, of course, was featured in several of the year-end roundups. These are great reads whether you’re a marketer yourself or are just interested in the changing game of marketing and how it will affect your company and your industry as we head into the new year.

Content Marketing Institute – What Content Marketing Will Look Like in 2016: 40+ Predictions

“For 2016, I predict that the place where content marketing sits within a company will change. … In order for content marketing to be successful, companies will need to end their content marketing silos and create a cohesive content marketing machine.”- Amy Higgins

Curata – Content Marketing Predictions: 5 Trends for 2016 [Infographic]

“In 2016, the silos of content marketing will end, and a more unified team model will begin.” – Amy Higgins

TopRank Marketing – TopRank Marketing’s 2016 Influencer Marketing Predictions

“In 2016, marketers will learn to color outside the lines of a campaign…By not weaving influencers into all of your marketing and coloring inside the lines of a campaign, you are missing a huge opportunity for your business. In 2016, let’s color outside the lines with influencer marketing!” – Amy Higgins

You’ll see Amy’s name and face popping up across the blog and our website more and more as we head into the new year. We’ll sit Amy down for a more in-depth, more embarrassing (*wink* *wink*) interview soon and get that posted in out Employee Spotlight series. However, given the timeliness of these articles we wanted to jump the queue to introduce Amy and her 2016 content marketing predictions.

Amy, welcome to the Deem Team!

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