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Culture spotlight: charitable donations to Oakland Technical HS

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Deem is currently in the process of upgrading our hardware, part of which involves replacing our older 24″ 1920×1080 ViewSonic and Acer monitors with high-resolution 27″ 2560×1440 Dell monitors. The monitors are in working order, they just no longer suffice for the needs and demands of a cutting edge technology company. But why throw them away when there has to be someone out there who has a use for them?

Enter Systems Engineering Lead Anthony Engel and Content Marketing Manager Julian Quisquater, who had this very conversation, and formed a plan. Anthony, having previously worked in the public education sector, has a deep understanding of the need for basic resources that are often not readily available to students in under-served communites. To this day, he still mentors a student from his previous position running a technology lab at Weston Ranch HS in Stockton, who thanks to Anthony’s guidance is now actively interviewing for internships with tech companies.

Upon discovering the monitors were going to be recycled, Julian suggested they make a quick call to the Engineering Academy at his alma mater Oakland Technical HS to see if they may have a use for them. The response was a resounding yes, after it was revealed by program director Parker Merrill that they were still using 15 year old CRT monitors from when Julian was in attendance in the early 2000s. Julian enlisted his sister and former Deem employee Sophie Quisquater to rent a U-Haul, and Anthony brought in IT Service Desk I Tim Johnson to itemize the monitors and get them off the books.

Several days later the four of them loaded up the nearly 50 monitors and hauled them over to Oakland, to the delight of a classroom full of tomorrow’s great minds, who are now equipped to succeed in the classroom and in life.

Keep your eyes peeled for news regarding Deem’s next philanthropic endeavor in December, where we will be taking part in La Casa de las Madres holiday adopt a family program.

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