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Here at Deem we like to provide our employees with a delicate balance of work and play, and nowhere is that more evident than with our longest-running weekly social event, the Deem Beer Club. Each and every Wednesday at 4pm in the 21st floor break room, Deem’s best and brightest from various departments convene to laugh, unwind, and imbibe the nectar of the gods.

Founded in 2011 by a group of beer enthusiasts and long tenured Deem employees, the beer clubs’ goal is to broaden horizons, encourage inter-company engagement, and give friends an appropriate forum for having some good old fashion fun. Themes are typically sent out on Mondays, giving employees ample time to acquire a unique beer from a bottle shop or grocery store that meets the conditions of that week. Themes vary from styles to locations to puns, and once they are announced and you purchase your contribution, its relatively easy to follow our “very strict” high-tech policy of logging all the intricate details of your wonderful selection in our trusted Google Doc.

When our planning committee is feeling particular crazy and adventurous we put on our thinking caps (beer helmets) and get creative with things like blind tastings, Beer WWII (an alternate revisionist history where plucky little Belgium conquers everyone), and field trips to local watering holes and breweries like Toronado, Zeitgeist, City Beer Store, Cellarmaker, Russian River, The Rare Barrel, and more.

The Deem Beer Club actively encourages new membership, we fancy ourselves decent company, and even if you don’t like beer its okay if you want to come hang out. With so many styles on offer each week, you never know what delicious brew might materialize and become your new favorite.

To be added to the Deem Beer Club mailing list and stay informed of all upcoming themes and events, please reach out via email to Anson Mah.

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