Deem’s annual holiday potluck

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Each year, Deem hosts a potluck feast for its employees in the San Francisco office. The company provides all the basicsturkey, mac and cheese, cornbread, and mashed potatoes with gravywhile Deem Teamers are encouraged to bring their favorite appetizers or desserts to share.

This year’s spread included an international variety of sweet and savory goodies: Tim Johnson’s wife’s famous pasta salad, fancy cheeses, a green bean casserole from Nikita Bijlani, Vasudha Yaramala’s apple pie, Preetha Narayana’s Gulab Jamun, a yummy pumpkin cheesecake courtesy of Jaya Dhameja, and more. We also served glasses of sparkling cider, and Director of Engineering for Car Services Alex Goldobin added a little kick to the festivities with a batch of his homemade pepper vodka.

Deem also introduced a ‘Thankful Board’ to encourage employees to reflect on what they are most grateful for, then write it down on a Post-It to share with the office. The contributions grew as the week went on, with Deemers showing gratitude for everything from our warm California winters (here’s hoping the more recent cold spell gives way soon!) to the company-provided healthy snacks and monthly 15-minute massages.

Deem’s annual potluck always shines as one of our more meaningful events. It brings colleagues from every corner of the office together to share food, stories, and thanks, allowing everyone to take pause and appreciate how lucky we all are to work side-by-side here at Deem.

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