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Employee spotlight: Candace Roberts

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Years at Deem: 2.5

Where are you from, where are you now, and where are you going?

I’m originally from Southern California, Ventura County to be more specific. I’m now in San Francisco after spending eight years in Tempe, AZ (Go Devils!). I am a West Coast girl at heart, so I don’t see myself moving cross country anytime soon.

What brought you to Deem?

I was two years out of college, looking for a change, and the people here really stood out to me. I wasn’t looking to make a move to another tech company, but the company is so dynamic and exciting, and it was different than anything else I was considering. I am a sucker for a challenge and Deem has proven to be a great place to grow.

What is your title and how do you define your role at Deem?

My title is Recruiting & HR Specialist. Like the rest of my team, I wear many hats when it comes to working with people inside and outside of the company. I recruit, manage systems, support our Field Operations organization, assist with events, and anything else that needs to get done. I love what I do because I work with different people every day in every part of the organization.

What’s your icebreaker at a cocktail party?

I am always interested to know why people do what they do – whether it’s their job, education, hobbies, etc. What drives someone can say a lot about them.

What are you passionate about?

Professionally, making things better. In technology that seems like a common theme, and I want to do my best to make Deem better in any way I can. Personally, music and comedy. I’ve played music most of my life and it is something that has granted me many unique opportunities. I have gotten into stand-up comedy and improv in recent years, and most of my free time is spent listening to the conversations and musings of strangers and how they observe the world.

Who’s in your dream night out squad?

I made several lifelong friends in college that I can see once a year and we can pick up right where we left off.

Where would we find you on a typical Saturday afternoon?

I’m new to the Bay Area, so I do my best to find new things to check out. Whether it’s a local festival, comedy show, concert, or hike, there is so much to do here and I have hardly scratched the surface.

Who would your celebrity partner be on “Dancing with the Stars?”

Michael Bublé, duh.

What was the last book you read, movie you saw, and/or video game that you crushed?

I recently started school, so unfortunately I haven’t been reading for pleasure as much. Last movie I saw was “Amy.” I am very behind in the world of video games, but I will take anyone on in a game of Mario Kart.

What have you learned at Deem that improved you personally/professionally?

I have developed a better sense of self here at Deem. Being in HR is not an easy role, regardless of where you work, and being an advocate for people, programs, and issues has helped me build more confidence, analytical skills, critical thinking, and so much more.

What’s one of your greatest personal memories of working on Deem’s product or participating in its culture?

I love getting to know people in social settings. Some of my favorite memories are the candid conversations at The 750 Club (wine club) or the impromptu karaoke nights.

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