Corporate business travel beat: Employees now expect these 5 travel capabilities

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In the pre-digital era, for every ten travelers who left town on business, only nine made it back.

Okay, that might be an exaggeration. But have you ever wondered how business travelers managed before smartphones? Fortunately, travel horror stories—although still very much a thing—are becoming fewer and less horrid.

Retired business travelers will get a good chuckle out of the list below. But many of those same retirees are fiddling with their smartphones as you read this.

Here are five corporate business travel capabilities employees now expect:


The agile business traveler is an informed business traveler who can act swiftly in the face of changing conditions. Business travelers hate surprises—unless they’re getting bumped up to first class, that is. While surprises are inevitable, knowing about events such as gate changes, delays, and cancellations as they happen lets travelers adapt in real-time so they can remain productive.

When itinerary changes happen, employees want the ability to book in-policy airlines, hotels, and ground travel instantly, without needing to expend extra effort using multiple systems.

Employers, on the other hand, don’t want to lose money when employees need to change or cancel flights. Solutions like Deem’s Automated Ticket Exchange can provide accurate re-pricing as it automatically recalculates complex fares, taxes, and penalties for domestic and international flights. It also signals users if lower-cost, in-program fares are available for exchange. Once changes are made, employees can share details through real-time status updates via email, voice, and text.


We all know what bad user experience feels like. Employees demand an intuitive, consumer-like interface that allows them to search for ground and air travel options by time window and access thousands of results in seconds. They want to view hotel options based on itinerary, check out hotel images and videos, and read TripAdvisor reviews to make the best in-policy decisions.


Employees have their individual loyalty accounts and preferences, and they want them to sync seamlessly. Business travel technology should automatically include info like frequent flyer or hotel loyalty numbers, along with personal info such as seating and meal preferences.


It’s nearly impossible for business travelers to maintain their at-home productivity levels, which means organization becomes even more critical on the road. Employees want the ability to access and share travel details quickly, and they expect itinerary items to automatically integrate with their calendars.


You can offer the most advanced business travel technology, but if you don’t offer ample options, it’s not going to please employees. With Deem, employees can gain access to more than 700 leading airlines worldwide, more than 200,000 hotel properties worldwide, rail services across North America and Europe, parking at over 45 major US airports, and a large chauffeured car service network.

See how Deem helps employees save time and businesses save money. Hit the play button below to watch a quick video that demonstrates how Deem’s Automated Ticket Exchange works.

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