We’re Getting the Blog Back Together!

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The last 6 months at Deem have been full of changes including an entirely new executive team, refined focus on our core products- travel, expense, and car service, and most recently moving our headquarters in San Francisco a few blocks down the street to a space that reflects the new Deem. These are all good changes and unprecedented since the company was formed in 2000.

Something else that’s new is the Deem Customer Credo which lays out how we plan to do business and treat our customers moving forward. How serious are we are about these commitments? The credo card includes the cell phone number of each member of the executive leadership team. Customers now have a direct line to our leadership team and they will hear back from us.

You’ll also hear from us on this blog where we plan to regularly share informative travel and technology posts, host a slew of guest bloggers, and have a little fun which starts with the return of the CarryingOn blog, a series within this blog. So whether you’re a customer or just checking us out for the first time, we hope you enjoy reading.

Thanks for stopping by!