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Introducing Deem’s T&E Test Drive

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We’re all familiar with the concept of the test drive. You set off for a dealership with a lot of questions, a vague idea of what you’re looking for, and the hope that you’ll find the perfect fit. You’ve made a mental list of your needs, and maybe even added a few nice-to-haves. You’re looking for a vehicle that will make getting from Point A to Point B a little (or a lot) easier and more comfortable, but before you write that check, you need to take it for a quick spin to make sure it fits the bill.

A test drive lets you kick the tires on a prospective new car prior to fully committing. And now, Deem is offering you the chance to do the same with our corporate travel and expense management software. During your 30-day test drive, you’ll get the chance to play around with some of Deem’s excellent features via your desktop or mobile device, ask pertinent questions of our experts, and ultimately decide if our products are the right fit for your company’s needs.

Here are a few Expense and Travel features that you’ll enjoy with your Deem Test Drive:

  • Automated Receipt Processing

    Deem lets you easily capture all of your receipts for meals, rental cars, entertainment, and more while on the go within our mobile app. Just snap a picture and the description, date, and amount are filled in automatically.

  • The Digital Wallet

    Securely store your receipts and transaction details, then simply drag and drop them into the corresponding expense reports. For those with corporate credit cards on file, Deem’s intelligent matching feature will automatically merge identical transactions to help minimize errors.

  • Submit, Approve, and Delete Reports

    No matter where they are, employees can easily submit or delete their expense reports, and admins can easily approve or deny them.

  • Assign Approvers

    Configure your personnel approval settings to ensure each employee’s reports are routed to the appropriate approver.

  • Add Agency Negotiated Rates

    Include your company’s best pricing options and make them readily accessible for your business travelers.

  • Policy Controls

    Integrate your company’s travel policy with your account to ensure employee compliance across the board.

  • Change, Cancel, and Create New Bookings

    Book flights, hotels, and car rentals for your upcoming trips, make changes to existing reservations, and cancel any or all aspects of an itinerary.

Embark on your Deem Test Drive today to take advantage of the incredible T&E management features that can save your company money, time, and sanity.

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