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By plane, train, or automobile, business travel is simply a part of the job for remote employees.

Maybe you’re flying to company headquarters for an important All Hands, taking the train into the city for a big client presentation, or just hitching a ride to the company picnic. No matter the trip, you rely on a lot of moving parts to get you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

With the ever-looming possibility of discomfort, delays, and cancellations, travelling can be incredibly stressful. Putting a plan in place before you’ve even packed your suitcase can help getting from Workplace A to Workplace B a little bit easier.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to ensure you get to the meeting comfortably and on time.

Fly your way while making the CFO happy:

Booking a flight that aligns with your personal tastes and the company’s travel policies isn’t the easiest task. You have your preferred airlines — the ones that give you points for the miles you fly, allow you to stretch your legs a bit, and deliver a meal service you can stomach — while your Finance Manager wants you to book whatever’s cheapest, even if that means a red-eye or an out-of-the-way connection.

A booking tool that has access to over 700 airlines and can filter flights according to airport, departure time, and your org’s policy lets you easily view the options that are best for you and the Finance department. You can have your airplane feast and eat it, too! And if the tool also lets you rebook or refund flights at the touch of a button, it can take the stress out of cancellations or updated itineraries.


Stay stress-free when workin’ on the railroad:

Although not everyone travels by train these days, Amtrak ridership actually increased by 51% between 2001 and 2013 (, 2014), and transport by rail is definitely still a popular option for business travellers. But booking on rail services’ websites doesn’t always offer the most user friendly experience, especially on mobile. And as with flights, it can be hard to tell what’s in or out of policy.

A mobile-friendly tool that lets you search options across North America and Europe, easily book a seat that meets your company’s policies, and make any changes to existing itineraries without hassle (and without phone calls) simplifies train travel and lets you focus on your work.

Enjoy your stay with easy hotel booking:

We all know what it’s like to have a huge presentation scheduled at the last minute. You need to plan your strategy and your trip, and it doesn’t help that most of the hotels in the area are either booked or way out of your company’s price range. You’re already frazzled — the pressure of landing a new client is on. You don’t need the added stress of searching the entire web for a room that ticks all of your and your company’s boxes.

A travel booking tool that offers access to over 200,000 hotels around the globe can really help ramp up any search. It can also give you the ability to filter by location, room type, price, and more so that you have the flexibility you need to settle into a place that’s comfortable, close, and within policy.


Hassle-free pickups that keep you safe:

Taking public transportation from airport to office isn’t always an option, especially if your flight was delayed and you’re already running late. Popular TNCs (transportation network companies) offer easy-to-use apps that might get you to the meeting on time, but a lack of regulation, experience, and local knowledge can make them a risky choice, too. So, what’s a business traveller to do?

A well-vetted B2B ground transportation network offers timely rides, pre-scheduled or ordered on-demand through desktop, smartphone, or tablet. You can count on real-time updates from your driver, who also receives real-time updates about your flight in case of a delay or cancellation. And since your company’s travel policies are integrated with the service, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll get reimbursed.

Airport, where’s my car?

It can be a huge relief when you take that first step off the plane and know that your next stop is your bed…until you realize that you have to settle that massive airport parking fee. And where did you park, anyway?

If you reserve your parking spot ahead of time, you’ll never forget where you left it, you can pre-pay the cost, and you can, again, make sure it stays within your company’s policy. A desktop and mobile-friendly travel booking tool that hooks you up with parking options at over 45 of the country’s busiest airports will let you get back home faster, with a fatter wallet and a mind that’s at ease.


Preparing for each step of your business trip — from your flight status and black car pickup times to your hotel location and airport parking costs — can help you as a remote employee stay stress-free, in policy, and on target. As an added bonus, if your travel booking tool is integrated with your company’s expense management system, it makes submitting your reports a breeze at the end of every single trip. And that makes you a happier traveler.

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