Deem’s new hire spotlight on Leland Zimmerman

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Today we shine our employee spotlight on Leland Zimmerman, Deem’s new Director of Product Management for Car Service. Fresh off the heels of Deem’s Whisk acquisition and the 2016 International LCT Show in Las Vegas, he is ready to rumble and poised to become a big in-house superstar.

We asked Leland to answer a few questions for us so that the team at large can get to know him a little bit better. Here’s what we learned:

A Northern California native, Leland born and bred in Oakland, CA. He describes himself as curious, hands-on, and open, and his celebrity partner on “Dancing with the Stars” would be Elaine Benes. And his icebreaker at a cocktail party? He says it’s: “Don’t you love Donald Trump?” On a typical fall, winter, or springtime Saturday, you’ll probably find him watching his kids play their sport of the season. But in the sunny California summertime, you’ll most likely find Leland on the water.

Leland is passionate about great design and new adventures, and he describes his first weeks at Deem as “exciting.” He decided on Deem because he was impressed by everyone he met while interviewing for his current position. He told us that “[t]heir vision for the car service product (and the company), their perspective on the challenges, and their passion for delivering results really got me fired up and eager to get in on the fun.”

Welcome, Leland — we’re excited to have you on the Deem Team!

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