How to manage your employee spend like a Jedi

In Spend management by Julian Quisquater

Is your company straying onto a path of decision-making determined by fear when it comes to managing employee spend?

Does thinking about any of the following keep you up at night?

  • How many systems you use to manage employee spend?
  • How frustrated your employees are using these systems?
  • How many hours are wasted on time-consuming processes?
  • How much money is being wasted on out-of-policy spend?
  • How to improve retention and desirability for potential hires?

Then, it might be time to find a little Jedi wisdom, a need for balance.

A need for “The Force.”

What if there was a Force for employee spend management? Something that would help your company improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase employee smiles. Something that would bring a new hope to your company with an all-in-one employee spend platform.

See how you can bring balance to your company’s employee spend management by taking a Deem Test Drive.


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Julian Quisquater

Julian Quisquater

Julian Quisquater is a Content Marketing Manager at Deem, a battle-scarred survivor of several start-ups, and a decade long veteran of technology content curation. He holds bachelors degrees in media studies and copy-editing from UC Santa Barbara and an MFA in creative writing from the California College of the Arts.