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In 2012 when I left Deem, I took the blog CarryingOn with me. I did that in part because I knew the former CEO was looking to create a social platform mostly from which to pontificate, and I didn’t want CarryingOn caught in those crosshairs because we were never about pontificating. Now don’t get me wrong, we had some pretty strong opinions about everything from the TSA to boarding etiquette, but we were more about random business travel industry observations versus talking about our company (although we did slip a few shameless plugs in every so often like this one).

After leaving Deem and joining GroundLink, I kept the blog going, but when I joined Phocuswright, the premier and most trusted research firm in the travel industry, I decided to curtail my somewhat lighthearted and humorous blogging efforts and focus on hard core research.  Ok so maybe that wasn’t exactly how it went down. Truth be told, the very talented research team at Phocuswright said “no more silly blogging for you, because Phocuswright is all about serious research, and besides you’re not that funny.”

Well given I’m back at Deem, I figured what the hell, let’s see if the 13 people who enjoyed CarryingOn are still out there. The practical side of me says it’s been a while and the social media outlets have multiplied, as have the number of people who post stuff. The field is a lot more crowded than it was when I started this thing, but my co-conspirator on this initiative, Mike Daly and I discussed it and after 6 Kettle One martinis with a twist of lemon (Mike had 5), we were spurred on by the famous words of the US Navy Civil War hero Rear Admiral Daniel Farragut who, 102 years ago on August 4, 1814 during the epic Battle of Mobile Bay, said “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”. And by the way, we have a best in class mobile product at Deem (you can book AND change your airline ticket), so if you need help figuring out your mobile strategy give us a call (and yes, that does qualify as my first shameless plug).

So, effective today, Mike and I are back to CarryingOn, ready to drop some bombs on an unsuspecting business travel industry because, well because we just enjoy CarryingOn, and we hope you do too!


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