The biggest travel pet peeves of remote employees

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Your remote employees will often jump at the chance to take a break from their home (or coffee shop) offices to spend some quality time in person at company headquarters. It offers them the chance to chat face-to-face with their coworkers, get more immersed in the company’s culture, and maybe even take advantage of a few free snacks.

But it’s not always fun and free potato chips for worker bees on the go, especially if they’re used to working in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Here, with some adorable help, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest travel pet peeves remote employees complain about when visiting the HQ:

When they have to get up before dawn to make that 6 am flight:


When they’re stuck in rush hour traffic on the way to the office:


When they’re fighting a serious case of jet lag during the All Hands:


When they can’t avoid distractions just by setting a “Busy” status on chat:


When they want to take the team out for drinks, but they’re not sure what’s covered by your company’s T&E policy:


When their hotel’s WiFi is painfully slow:


When their trip back home is cancelled because of bad weather conditions:


When they realize they lost a receipt from a meal:


When they spend all of Friday night trying to complete their expense report:


Traveling to and from company headquarters shouldn’t be a hassle for employees who are used to getting their work done at home. Take a Deem Test Drive to see how you can give your remote workforce a more streamlined, simple, and personalized T&E experience.

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