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As I was perusing my local travel news feeds I came across a shocker in this edition of Tnooz.  The headline of the piece, “No mobile strategy in majority of business travel programs” immediately caught my eye, as I thought that can’t be right.

Quoting data from a study conducted by the GBTA Foundation and Carlson Wagonlit Travel, the article talks about how 69% of ‘travel professionals’ say their program does not have a strategy for mobile.

It further stated that “It is on the way however, with 64% saying their organization plans to implement one within two years and a further 26% saying within three years.”

So when I did the math on that (64+26=90), it suggests that 90% of the travel professionals that participated in this survey will not be pursuing a mobile strategy in 2017. That can’t be! The article went on to say “Corporates are clearly taking their time to assess the impact of mobile on their policies and program but a little more haste might be in order as most business travelers see their mobile device as a necessity”. Ya think?!

Ok, there are many, especially those in the C suite, that still have the benefit of an administrative assistant to help them plan and book their travel, but I don’t think there’s anyone out there who doesn’t consider their mobile phone a must-have when travelling or otherwise. You wake up and look at your phone first, you check it before you go to sleep, and if you lose it, panic sets in, yet there are travel professionals who are not devising a strategy to incorporate this device into their travel programs this year?

CarryingOn is hereby suggesting, no…imploring anyone who is not considering a mobile strategy to rethink that position. If you’re feeling uncertain about how to proceed, remember Rear Admiral Farragut and the first battle of Mobile because this one for sure should be “full speed ahead”.

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