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The science of success: world-class fleet management for corporate car service

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At one point in time, world-class athletes could compete at the highest level with just good genes, determination, and a lot of practice.

That’s no longer enough, writes Mark McClusky in his book Faster, Higher, Stronger. Today’s best athletes look to sports scientists to help them achieve peak performance and emerge victorious over competitors.

Unfortunately, simply working harder isn’t enough for corporate car service operators, either. To win market share in today’s hyper-competitive environment, operators must adopt advanced fleet management practices.

The question for individual car service operators has now become this: Have you embraced technological innovation to reach world-class status in the industry?

Read on to learn about how game-changing fleet management opportunities can help move you to the front of the pack:

  1. Give the people what they want by embracing technology

Technological advances in sports science have allowed performers to calibrate sleep, diet, and training to push athletic boundaries and wow expectant spectators.

Similarly, disruptive players in the ground transportation market have transformed the industry with technology, using networks to offer app-based car hire and real-time route monitoring. Without these crowd-pleasing features — which are now the norm for many — car services lose out of the gate.

  1. Evaluate resource needs to take performance to the next level

Athletes must be ready to identify every strength and opportunity to perform better. Car service operators must be ready to evaluate a fleet’s readiness in order to hit company performance targets.

Fleet adjustments can help meet clients’ evolving needs while lowering operating costs. For example, a “greener” fleet might allow an operator to attract eco-conscious customers while also reducing fuel spend. Win-win!

  1. Monitor your fuel situation and increase return on spend with an integrated dispatch system

Athletes are very aware of the importance of what they put in their bodies. The same principle applies to corporate car service providers, who must be aware of what fuel resources are going into the fleet.

Fuel cards can allow you to collect and monitor fuel data. You may also be able to place hard limits on card usage or have out-of-range purchases highlighted to minimize overuse. In addition, how well you dispatch drivers has a direct impact on your bottom line. Waste from unnecessary mileage between fares and curb idling hurt return on fuel spend.

Car reservation software, integrated with mobile tools for drivers and back office accounting functionality, can help cut down on waste. Just like an athlete ready to go, you’ll be operating at peak.

  1. Route plan your way to savings and accountability

For top-tier athletes, having an outlined plan with specific milestones in place is essential if they want to reach their goals. For corporate car service operators, cutting GPS technology in the hands of drivers is another way to increase return. With turn-by-turn directions surfacing the most direct route, your employees can reduce mileage while delivering on customers’ expectations for service that is world-class fast – a must for any serious market contender.

 Finding the best routes for trips can also help keep your drivers accountable. Monitoring trips can help you to eliminate non-work mileage and control overtime. You can also enforce driving practices meant to reduce vehicle wear-and-tear – damage that hurts performance.

  1. Stay current on the rules of the game

It should go without saying that — just like athletes — car service operators need to stay accountable to the rules. Continually monitor area regulations on vehicles, drivers, and operations to avoid costly violations.

  1. Schedule regular maintenance checks

Athletes need trainers and doctors in order to continue at the pinnacle of performance — and your fleet requires mechanics.

With the help of GPS data, you can schedule preventive maintenance to keep vehicles running efficiently. Following the right maintenance intervals can reduce labor costs and keep vehicles readily available.

  1. Provide drivers with feedback on performance

Athletes rely on regular feedback from coaches, sports scientists, and others during training. Your drivers also need guidance. Give them the information they need to follow policies and be more efficient in the field, including how they can best use in-vehicle technology.

  1. Assemble your corporate car service team

Just like top-performing athletes who are part of a larger team, executive car service providers can’t succeed against larger rivals on their own. Joining a network of affiliate providers can provide a competitive advantage that puts you at the top. This reservation exchange network allows you to keep your clients while farming in business from other ground transportation merchants. Teamwork helps carry the day!


It’s no secret that more casual ride-sharing services have reset expectations for ground transportation, sprinting forward with the help of network-based technology. Providing upscale service on its own is no longer an effective differentiator in the race for today’s clients.

The good news is that corporate car service operators can leverage technology to effectively manage a fleet while increasing the number of rides. That’s what world-class car service looks like, and it’s the only way to realize visions of chauffeured ground transportation dominance.

Get in touch with one of our Car Service for Operators experts to learn more about how your business can gain a competitive edge in today’s ride-share market.

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